Work globally. Get paid locally.
Spoynt Wallet helps to receive money from your clients, monitor your expenses, save on currency exchange and much more.
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A universal wallet for universal growth
We do provide a wide range of functionality to our clients to make their payments fast, comfortable, and easy to track
Get paid instantly
Get your own IBAN account fast and get paid instantly.
Expand into new marketplaces
Connect with thousands of marketplaces and start getting paid within a couple of clicks.
Request a payment
Offer your international clients a simple way to pay you with our Invoice Service
Withdraw your earnings
Transfer your earnings to your local bank account or order a physical Spoynt card to use as a standard card
Pay your VAT
Pay the VAT authorities in the EU and UK with the GBP and EUR funds in your account for zero fees
Pay your suppliers
Reduce costs and simplify processes by paying your contractors from your balance for free
Send money through wallet
Make instant money transfers to other Spoynt wallet users for free
Access working capital
Invest in the future by managing your cash flow
Great card solutions for freelancers around the world
All-in-one Banking solution with dedicated IBAN account, prepaid Mastercard card and modern paymentmethods for your Freelance platform in any part of the world
Spoynt virtual card issues instantly and is perfect for online payments
Spoynt virtual card
Ready-to-use online
Currency: EUR/GBP
Spoynt physical card issues with you name and is perfect for everyday usage
2-4 weeks delivery
Currency: EUR/GBP
Spoynt physical card
You can choose two colours of the card for additional cost:

  • Spoynt Mint
  • Spoynt Snow
Personalize you card
3-6 weeks delivery
Currency: EUR/GBP
Best for young creative freelance professionals
SEPA payments
Enjoy the real power of technology and borderless transactions.
Local UK account and international support
Send money globally. Faster and cheaper than any traditional bank.
Currency exchange at a glance
Calculate the real ratio of the global exchange rates.
We are working hard to launch our service in the UK earlier in 2024
Coming soon
Coming soon
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